Villiers Singles Improvements Handbook/3

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170 pages inclusive of Contents and Index.
The book contents are as 27th September 2013 and are in black & white.
The PDF version is a work in progress, is often in colour, and occassionally updated. Latest update VSIH3-310 18 Dec 2019
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Silencer design software
Silencer design spreadsheet included


VSIH3 update December 2019

VSIH contains the theory and practice for the maintenance and improvement of post WW2 British two-stroke engines, typified by the Villiers and Greeves engines of the 1950's and 1960's. The illustrations reference Villiers 9E and 32A engines but the instruction equally applies to the Greeves, British Anzani, Excelsior, Alpha, Upton, Marcelle, Parkingson and Ajax two-stroke engines. Instruction includes port timing and measurement, crank (re)balancing, carburettor sizing, exhaust design and manufacture, silencer design and manufacture, and the chemistry of combustion. Worked examples and reference tables are provided, also photographs of the author's successes and failures. The book provides an intermediate level core of theory and practice that bears repeated reading to gain a full understanding.

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VSIH3 previous updates:
Setting up a belt drive, Ring Flutter, Pressurised airboxes and fluid diodes.
The fluid diodes have the potential to boost power mid-range by over 20% so why are they not in common use?
The pressurised airbox attempts to resonate in sympathy with the inlet, Helmholtz gave the methods, maths is significant and included in the spreadsheet.
Repaginated to the 'trade' size paper (5" x 9"), try two pages per sheet and double sided printing if you wish to print the entire book.
Chapter on chemistry of combustion, flame front and turbulence
Much enhanced chapter silencing, and silencer design.
Table of Villiers engine IDs with engine and marque details, at over 750 entries, the most complete table anywhere
I recorded a goKart race at Shenington track in 2011 and designed a silencer based on [OpenSource program] frequency analysis
The spreadsheet is included in the download