JW Yard Sale @ www.villiers.info

Crankcases, gearbox shells, gearbox internals, primary covers

After more than 30 years of racing and building Villiers, I am retired and time for new owners.
Items are clean/aquablaster or garage grubby or as raced dirty.
Smaller/lighter stuff I will post to UK at your cost, else DPD courier.
higher res photos can be sent via email
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Last updated Jan 2022

9E/32A standard 4speed clusters
with or without barrel selector
Cluster GBP 60 or GBP 85 with selectors
One set remaining
Lots of single pinions

32A central plug heads
Various combustion chambers
GBP 12

I have a selection of gearbox castings, of various styles, that could be matched to crankcases below.
No kickstart covers only Invarcar electric start
I have both 11E and 9E styles, with or without spedo gearbox fitting

9E/32A crankcase
gb mounting lug repaired
3 similar to this
GBP 50