John Wood At The Track

John Wood Riding History

Cadwell Park 1992
Greeves ridden from around 1991 to 2000. After a certain amount of back trouble (brought on by pushing Velocettes!)
I have "retired" from chasing championships. This bike (and me) won VMCC 250cc championships in 1992 and 1993.
The experience inspired me to write VSIH while working away from home midweek.
Mallory Park 1993
Get the lead on the first lap
Good Plan!
Me and Tony Webb. He was a master at winning races, but it is consistency that takes championships.
Cadwell Park
Going through Hall Bends (I think) at Cadwell Park. Had many fine results on this bike
See this bike in action on the video clip, link on main page
Race used as practice ready for forthcoming Lavington Trophy Race held in August that year at Lydden. 15 laps and I won it by a second or two.
Greeves Silverstone
Disappointing machine from start to finish
Yamaha Trail Bike
Used on Enduros and long distance trials like the Exeter, and Land's End.
Several first class awards.
Ridden around 1978 to 1981 ....
...when the LC came out, got one of the first ones.
Lap record with NG club.
Royal Enfield 250
Very nice little Royal Enfield 250 loaned to me from 1985 to 1988.
BSA 500 rigid
Hall Bends
Cadwell Park
This methanol fiery beast was a joy to ride on a good track, but on a bumpy track it was evil. BSA on the outside and Godden/Jawa on the inside.
Still to be seen with BHR, Tim Jackson rode this in 2013-14.
Susuki T20
Early shot of me in an orange jacket, almost my first race. Being overtaken by Tom Pemberton who was my friend and mentor.