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Gordon Blair

The Basic Design of Two-Stroke Engines
670 pages, text 400 pages, remainder computer listings

The first of two books on the theory of Two-Stroke behaviour. It was written in 1990 before Blair really got hooked on unsteady gas dynamics. Although the book is nearly 700 pages, from page 400 onwards it is computer program listings.

Contents list

Introduction with review of basic data and not quite so basic data,Gas Flow, Scavenging, Combustion, Computer Modelling, Assistance for Designers, Fuel Consumption and Exhaust Emissions, Reduction of Noise, Program Listings

Despite its short comings, I liked this book as it is a good introduction to the real world of Two-Strokes without being massively complicated. For massive complication, see Blair's second book where he dismisses the theory in this book as naive (and this book is ten times more complicated than most on Two-Strokes). In his second book, he goes with unsteady gas dynamics as the basis for a proper theory on how two-strokes operate. The written material is more detailed than many people will want and would provide the serious student with at least a decade of thought and experiment if they were to be so inclined. The computer programs are useful, but the code is not very good quality and show significant rats-nest maintenance and seem to be for pre-PC's. The programs were sold separately (for an unrealistically large sum) as compiled BASIC, so you *still* had to type in the code to make corrections. .