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Tony Foale

Motorcycle Handling and Chassis Design - The Art and the Science
Over 500 pages, ISBN 84-933286-1-8 soft back, privately published, 2003

There is obviously more to building frames than meets the eye, this is the complete and definitive work on understanding frame design, the theory and practice of what goes wrong and how to put it right. Lashings of diagrams and pictures, and a chapter on how to make a frame for yourself. This book is for those who are interested, and for those who are serious about understanding how frame geometry works

Contents list
Preface, Function & History, Tyres, Geometric considerations, Balance & Steering, Aerodynamics, Suspension principles, Front suspension, Rear suspension, Squat & Dive, Structural, Engine Mounting, Braking, Materials & Properties, Stability & Control, Performance Measurement, Practical frame building, Case Study, Future developments, plus 8 appendices