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Heywood and Sher

The Two Stroke Cycle Engine
450 pages, hardback, ISBN 1-56032-831-2

Good grounding in Two-Stroke theory.

As recent and as detailed as any book could be, uses Susuki Yamaha Kawasaki Rotax and Orbital engines as examples. Seems to give more basic data on research compared with Blair, though Blair has other strengths, and I think that Blair and Heywood are streets ahead of the "opposition"

There are very good chapters on Gas Exchange Fundamentals and Combustion. Other topis are Intake and Exhaust design, Emission Control, and Scavenging. Scavenging is discussed extensively, 50 pages on experimental methods plus a further 30 pages on mathematical modelling. Lest you think that it is all about motorcycles, the Orbital three cylinder two-stroke supercharged diesel is features as often as any. There is useful discussion on how the jet of gas from the transfer port is affected as the port is progressively opened by the piston .